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The The Analysis of Topic Model Network (ANTMN) – Applications in Health Communication

Yotam Ophir, PhD

Assistant Professor
Department of Communication

University at Buffalo
State University of New York

The Analysis of Topic Model Network (ANTMN) method was developed by myself and my colleague, Dr. Dror Walter, to equip researchers with an inductive, data-driven approach for the identification of media frames. Media framing is a core journalistic practice consisting of the selective emphasis of specific features of events and people, at the expense of others. Though a journalistic practice at its core, framing is being used by others as well, from politicians to laypersons on social media. In this talk I will explain the theoretical rationale behind ANTMN, explain and demonstrate the three steps used in the method (topic modeling, network analysis, community detection) and demonstrate its applicability to various health communication contexts (including my work on the coverage of epidemics and its effects, the use of vaccines in Russian propaganda, and the #TaiwanCanHelp hashtag activism campaign during COVID-19). When discussing these examples, I will pay a specific attention to ways in which ANTMN could be combined with other, more traditional, social scientific methods, such as time series analysis, surveys, and experiments, to gain insight into theories and applications of health communications.

Presentation date:  May 13, 2021.