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Implementation and Modification of a Culturally Competent Care Intervention

Elisa Gordon, PhD, MPH

Surgery, Transplant Surgery Division
Health Sciences Integrated PhD Program

Northwestern University
Feinberg School of Medicine

Michelle Shumate, PhD

Department of Communication Studies
Northwestern University

April McClain Delaney & John Delaney Research Professorship
Communication Studies PhD Program
Media, Technology, and Society PhD Program
Director, Network for Nonprofit and Social Impact

Modifications to interventions have the potential to jeopardize intervention outcomes. In this talk, we describe a two-site comparative case study detailing the implementation of Northwestern Medicine’s® Hispanic Kidney Transplant Program (HKTP). Using interviews and discussions over the pre-implementation and implementation periods, we examine the different types of modifications that occurred (e.g., adding, tailoring, skipping). Drawing from the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research (CFIR), we illustrate why different types of modifications were made and note the implications for healthcare management and implementation science.

Presentation date:  February 26,  2020.