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Exploring Decision-Making about Fertility Preservation: Retrospective Reflections from Cancer Patients and Survivors

Sanjana Ramesh

PhD Candidate
Media, Technology, and Society Program

Department of Communication Studies
Northwestern University

Though survival rates for cancer patients of reproductive age are promising, leading cancer therapies still carry the risk for infertility. Oncofertility, an interdisciplinary subfield, aims to explore and expand options for the reproductive future of cancer survivors, such that all patients of reproductive age receive fertility preservation counseling. However, provision of information during fertility preservation counseling has consistently been reported insufficient for effective decision making and patients are found to experience decisional conflict. The purpose of this investigation was to retrospectively explore patients’ experiences with fertility preservation counseling, and the ways in which information satisfaction, and certain patient characteristics, effect decisional conflict. Results from this study may be used to improve information provision about fertility preservation to foster patients’ effective decision making, and subsequently reduce decisional regret.

Presentation date: November 28, 2018.