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Combating Medical Misinformation in the Social Media Era

Eric J. Burnett, MD, MBS

Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine
Associate Program Director for Internal Medicine Residency Program

Columbia University Irving Medical Center

The social media era has made it easier than ever to share ideas and information. This has been both a help and a hinderance during the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID frontline providers have found themselves fighting a war on two fronts: combating the virus in the clinical setting and the pandemic of misinformation online. As a medical community we must strive to combat the growing threat that conspiracy theories and anti-science rhetoric pose to public health and safety in the middle of a global health crisis. Social media can serve as an effective tool for healthcare professionals to counter the pandemic of misinformation while simultaneously educating the lay public on the complexities surrounding the pandemic, thereby empowering them to educate others in their lives.

Presentation date:  March 25, 2021.