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What is Black Feminist Health Science Studies?

       Moya Bailey, PhD Associate Professor Department of Communication Studies School of Communication Northwestern University Black Feminist Health Science Studies (BFHSS) aims to highlight the necessity of incorporating social justice into medical science. It was created by interdisciplinary scholars who started their careers as undergraduates studying Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Black women’s

Drama, intrigue, and discussion: The role of telenovelas in facilitation sexual education in Mexican households

      Sapna Suresh PhD  Student Media, Technology, and Society Department of Communication Studies Northwestern University Numerous prior studies have evidenced the ability of entertainment-education initiatives to engender sexual and reproductive health change among targeted audiences. Through the incorporation of sexual education information into compelling serial narratives, programs are able to induce improvements in

Understanding Opposition to Transgender Rights: The Health Misinformation Perspective

T.J. Billard, PhD Assistant Professor Department of Communication Studies School of Communication Northwestern University Executive Director The Center for Applied Transgender Studies Transgender rights have become the flashpoint du jour of the American culture wars, with the conservative movement, in particular, giving opposition to trans rights high priority. One key weapon in the arsenal of

The The Analysis of Topic Model Network (ANTMN) – Applications in Health Communication

Yotam Ophir, PhD Assistant Professor Department of Communication University at Buffalo State University of New York The Analysis of Topic Model Network (ANTMN) method was developed by myself and my colleague, Dr. Dror Walter, to equip researchers with an inductive, data-driven approach for the identification of media frames. Media framing is a core journalistic practice

The All of Us Research Program: The Future of Healthcare Begins With You

Ross Baiers. MPH Research Study Coordinator All of Us Research Program Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine Department of Preventive Medicine The All of Us Research Program is a nationwide program with a simple mission: They want to speed up health research breakthroughs. To do this, they are asking one million or more people from

Combating Medical Misinformation in the Social Media Era

Eric J. Burnett, MD, MBS Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine Associate Program Director for Internal Medicine Residency Program Columbia University Irving Medical Center The social media era has made it easier than ever to share ideas and information. This has been both a help and a hinderance during the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID frontline providers have

Designing Technology-Enabled Services for Perinatal Mental Health

Shefali Haldar, PhD Post-Doctoral Fellow in Digital Mental Health Department of Communication Studies Northwestern University Perinatal mental health challenges (e.g., depression) can lead to serious health consequences for women. However, few women receive adequate care to address these challenges. Collaborative care programs–which deliver mental health treatment within primary care settings–can improve mental health outcomes, but

Oops! I Placed an Order on the Wrong Patient

Jason Adelman MD, MS Chief Patient Safety Officer Executive Director, Patient Safety Research Associate Chief Quality Officer Co-Director, Patient Safety Research Fellowship Columbia University Irving Medical Center/ NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital Placing orders on the wrong patient errors is a major Health IT Safety issue. We will review the Wrong-Patient Retract-and-Reorder (RAR) Measure, the first and only

Promoting Safe Medication Use in Outpatient Settings: New Approaches using Consumer and Health Information Technologies

Stacy C. Bailey, PhD, MPH Associate Professor of Medicine Director, Health Literacy and Learning Program (HeLP) Division of General Internal Medicine and Geriatrics Feinberg School of Medicine Northwestern University Dr. Bailey will present on the prevalence and consequences of poor medication self-management in ambulatory care. She will also describe current technology-based interventions designed to assess

Exploring the potential of emotions in storytelling to improve the accuracy of affective forecasts in health decision-making: Findings from a narrative intervention in cancer genetics

Kerstin Kalke PhD Candidate Media, Technology, and Society Department of Communication Studies Northwestern University When faced with health and medical decisions, people often engage in affective forecasting, which is the process of simulating in their minds how a certain health decision will make them feel in the future. Unfortunately, these forecasts are prone to several