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Center for Communication and Health

The Center’s mission is to improve the quality and safety of healthcare as patients experience it, to improve the health of populations, and to reduce the cost of care by applying the interdisciplinary tools of the communication arts and sciences to the most pressing challenges in healthcare. The focus of the center is twofold: 1. Offer world-class graduate education in Health Communication 2. Conduct research. The Center assembles interdisciplinary groups of scholars who share the goal of designing new communications-based solutions to promote health and wellness. Our research focuses on the intersection of social influence and human-centered design. Research on social influence informs us about how communication can shape attention, learning, attitudes, intentions, and behavior to promote health. Research on human-centered design informs us about how individuals navigate through sociotechnical systems to gain the information, not to mention the protocols and treatments, they need to achieve their health goals. By bridging social influence and human-centered design, we create methods for improving the cost, effectiveness, and safety of care.

Center for Communication and Health
710 North Lake Shore Drive
15th Floor, Abbott Hall
Chicago, IL 60611